Patrick Chalmers gives an insider's account of our media's complicity with power.

An ex-Reuters reporter, Patrick relates how getting into and out of conventional journalism opened his eyes to the realities of his chosen career.

On the way he found how mainstream media, including his former employer, were far from being the public watchdogs of power they like to pretend. Quite the opposite – the bulk of their work blinds people to their powerlessness in the face of modern politics, at every layer of government, from local to global.

Yet this is a hopeful story, including a plan for how people can make their own media and lay claim to their political voices.



Twitter: @Patrick Chalmers

Paperback, 238 pages

ISBN: 978-1-4710-4125-9

February 2012

£10 (buy at

eBook ISBN:978-1-4710-6192-9

£2 (buy at

Or get a free copy by clicking here

Author's note:

I've published the book independently, meaning I can give away free PDFs if I want to, which I do. It also means I need all the promotional help I can get from friends, family and anyone else who wishes for more accountable journalism and politics in their lives.

Any assistance is welcome. You could just forward this page link to your friends, or copy and paste its contents into an email. You could review and rate the book online here (, "follow" me on Twitter (@PatrickChalmers), "like" the book on Facebook ( or subscribe and follow the Fraudcast News blog (

If you get really carried away, you could get me to do an author's reading, short film screening, book signing and Q+A session. If geography's a challenge, you might arrange for me to do a skype phone or video interview with your local newspaper, radio or television station. Maybe you have other ideas for stunts I could try - though I draw the line at invading sovereign nations just because they've got things I want.

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